Frequently Asked Questions

What are your growing practices?

There's a lot more to growing great food than meeting the Organic Standards and not spraying chemical fungicides, herbicides or using synthetic fertilizers.  While it's important that we don't do any of those practices, we also do a lot more to care for the health of our soil and plants. By making probiotic solutions and microbiologically rich compost we continue to feed our soil food web which in turn takes care of our plants.  Every year we work on increasing the organic matter in the soil which helps store carbon and give us a better drought tolerant environment by holding moisture in the soil.  In 2020 we atarted working towards becoming a minimal till farm, using hand tools for all of our cultivation work.

How Does Our CSA Work?

A produce club, also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative, local based economic model for food distribution that promotes sustainable agriculture as well as the livelihood of local farmers.  

This is a program where you subscribe by paying for a share of the farms produce at the beginning of the season.  This creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the consumer.  It provides working capitol for us to purchase needed materials at the beginning of the growing season and, in return, we dedicate ourselves to growing your produce and providing you with fresh, nutritious, and bountiful vegetables.

What produce do you grow and how long is your season?

Our season is generally twenty weeks long, from the beginning of June to the middle of October.  In 2021 our season will either start Here's what we are hoping to have growing during this upcoming season:

Beginning of the Season:

Butterhead Lettuce

Kale    Beets    Radishes

Sweet Salad Turnips    Bok Choy

Carrots    Chard   Garlic   Fresh Herbs

Microgreens   Zucchini

Later in the Season:

The vegetables listed above plus:

Cherry Tomatoes    Heirloom Tomatoes

Garlic   Eggplant   Broccoli

Onions   Cucumbers   Peppers

Cabbage   Parsnips

Winter Squash


Eggs, Flower Bouquets, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Fermented Foods and possibly Goat Dairy Shares

We pride our selves on growing the main staple crops that most people enjoy eating on a regular basis.  Since we are a two person farm that grows all of our crops using hand tools (ie., no tractors in our fields), there are some crops that we choose not to grow - mainly potatoes and lots of cut greens like spinach and arugula.  From time to time we may put these into the rotation, however the above list are our main planned crops.   

Thanks for checking out our CSA and let us know if you have any questions!

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